“Every centimetre of Morocco is beautiful - the tiles, the walls, the contrasts, the greenery. It has a soul which blends old and modernity - we see things differently here.”

Influencer and designer, Sofia el Arabi, has an effortless, elegant approach to dressing that we instantly fell for; we love the way she seamlessly blends her R&B favourites into her own wardrobe. “It’s rare to find a brand that is cool and super sexy,” she says. “With dresses that are perfect for the beach, or a super fancy party.”

Born and raised in Casablanca, el Arabi's passion for Morocco is as contagious as her incredible style. She started her blog, Fashion Bat Chic, when she returned home after eight years spent studying business in France, determined to discover the country again with a new eye and “to show the world how beautiful Morocco is; how we can mix our traditions with modernity.” Which makes her the perfect person to tap for insider tips. From her favourite hidden beaches and the best place to see the sunset to the restaurants she returns to again and again, here’s her expert guide for an escape to Morocco,


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On Morocco

“The colours are incredible. It’s like nowhere in the world - the landscape, the nature. And the crowd, the energy, the people, donkeys, horses, bicycles; it’s a mess, but somehow there is harmony. Every centimetre of Morocco is beautiful - the tiles, the walls, the contrasts, the greenery. It has a soul which blends old and modernity - we see things differently here.”

My City: Casablanca

“Casablanca is my city - I was born, raised and live here. It’s a mix of Mexico city, Beirut, Algeria, all energy, traffic and noise mixed with wonderful architecture and the sea.’

Home from home: Marrakesh

“I spend half the month working in Marrakesh - I do all my shoots there. The light is amazing so a picture will always be incredible. I go to Marrakesh as a tourist, to escape.”

Sofia’s Little Black Book


Vallee des Roses

“The rose valley in the south of Morocco is where they grow roses to make the world-famous rose water. The season starts in May and everything is pink - the girls are working, singing, putting the roses on their backs.”

La Vallee des Dades

“The most beautiful spot for three or four days walking with a guide, between mountains and water. It’s very unspoilt. Take pictures with your brain.”

Sunset at the Palmeraie in Marrakech

“There are no buildings, only palm trees, so you have a panoramic view of Morocco’s sunset. Take a bottle of wine and stand there and see it. Wonderful.”



“It hasn’t changed for centuries, which is super rare. Every floor in the whole city is tiled in blue and green. It’s amazing, not developed at all, with lots of amazing vintage shops.”


“It’s in the north of Morocco and so inspiring. The whole city is white, in front of the deep blue Mediterranean sea. Saint Laurent built a house there with Pierre Berge - they fell in love with the city.”


“If you want to discover how Marrakesh was thirty years ago, it’s Taroudant. A mini Marrakesh, the same, without the development.”



“A dreamy lagoon in the south of Morocco, half sand, half water.”


“The north west is like the Caribbean but nobody goes there because it’s far. It’s quite conservative, but it’s so beautiful and there are amazing hotels. The water is turquoise and the sand is white - it’s the best beach in Morocco.”


Le Maroca

“The Moroccan restaurant in La Mamounia. For a Moroccan girl to go to a Moroccan restaurant in Morocco, it has to be good! I order the mezze of Moroccan salads, and then the fish, or a tagine of vegetables.”

In the desert

“It’s the way we cook it; the Tourac people don’t have electric appliances so everything is cooked under the sand in the traditional way, and it takes five or six hours to make a tagine - incredible.”


City: Riad el Fenn

“It’s my favourite, intimate and special with an amazing rooftop so you can feel the energy of Marrakesh. It’s true Morocco - all the elements which mix to make our culture.”

Sea: Chez Mounir

“A secret place between Casablanca and Tangiers, right in front of the sea with nobody around. The sea is completely clear and a man brings fresh fish each day.”

Surf: Paradis Plage

AA surf eco-lodge In Terasout, the best surf place in Morocco. The positive vibe is amazing.”

Mountains: Kasbah Bab Ourika

“Ask for the room which has the pool and the mountains behind it.”

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