Libra Season

Libra Season

Libra season: 23 September – 22 October
Element: Air
Crystal: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Ametrine. Great stones for balancing the mind and body, aiding with indecision, and opening the heart for healing relationships.


Your independence is being challenged this month, as Libra season pushes you to involve yourself deeply with others. No woman is an island, and this month cares little about your self-sufficiency. Your sign alone is the warrior of the zodiac, you are tireless in your pursuit of excellence and always strive to push your experience of life to the limit. Now imagine how much wider your path becomes when you have friends, lovers and colleagues who are pushing you to evolve. Consider their perspective this month. You do not have it all figured out, nobody does. So ask more questions, get curious and learn with an open heart from all those around you. There could be monetary gifts or financial gains from unexpected sources, stay open to collaborations germinating now as they could go the distance.


Libra season hits you with a wave of tasks and mundane to-do lists that seem insurmountable as the planets pile up in your 6th house of time management and work. It doesn’t sound fun, because it’s not, which means you’re gonna have to prioritise joy and time for rest because the planets are pushing you to the edge of your willpower. Despite frustrations and delays that seem to be holding you back. This Libra season you are more determined than ever to get your way and push through to the next goal. If you need helpers, they are waiting for you to ask for a favour. Venus in your partnership zone is bringing a sweet touch to all your collaborations, both at home and in the workplace. Lean into sensual pleasures like body treatments this month if it all gets too much at work. Getting into the body will ensure you don’t lose sight of the big picture.


You don’t have to choose between bossing it at work and focussing on your personal life. Venus is currently in your work sector which means that finessing your workout routine and eating habits to an art form is easy! It might suddenly feel like you only crave the healthy things in life, and that early wake up call is music to your ears. What’s more, your heart wants to talk! Whether it’s a past love coming back for deep conversations about whether you should get back together or new, exciting prospects rolling in, your romantic life is a big priority this month. What’s stopping you from letting all the love in? Careful you don’t block your abundance at the door. The more you talk openly about old love wounds and look after your inner child, the sooner you can enjoy what your heart deserves!



Libra season pulls you back into your shell as the planets move into your cosy sector of home and family. There might still be many invitations tempting you out of your bubble, with Venus lighting up your fifth house of pleasure, fun and romance. However there’s more satisfaction to be had in the privacy of your own four walls. There are questions to be asked as Mercury spinning retrograde in this arena has you thinking about what family means to you. How do you define home? What does security look like to you? These are all things to ponder this month. With Pluto diving deep into your relationship sector, you might be feeling the urge to nest with someone special. Whether that’s now or in the future, acknowledge the desire to create something stable. Deep conversations might unearth hidden obstacles that are keeping you from building the foundations. If you give your inner voice the time and space it needs to be heard this month, you’ll leave Libra season feeling more committed than ever of your personal needs. Then you have the luxury of deciding whether to let someone in on the journey.


You’re not one to suffer from shyness Leo, and this month sees you busier than ever with the planets zooming through your communication sector. Everyone wants a piece of you, but don’t let it get to your head. Instead use this month to spend valuable time with the people that really matter. Women who have always been close to you are expressing interesting ideas that nourish your mind. Get involved in the conversation! Summon your inner intellectual and watch how it nourishes your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. Just watch out this month for taking on too many endeavours! Work demands are pulling your attention away from sumptuous Venus in your family sector that wants you to get cosy on the home front. Sometimes, the inbox will just have to wait!


Libra season blesses you with the collaborations that might help you reach the next stage of your wealth journey. As the Libra planets harmonise with Saturn and Jupiter in your work sector, you find new avenues and creative loopholes out of a rut. You voice is your greatest tool this month, as Mercury makes eyes at power planet Pluto, ensuring you are able to speak your mind. Your words hold more weight than usual, so ask for what you want and don’t be surprised if you get it! You’re not one to covet a materialistic lifestyle, but just this month, treat yourself, if only as an exercise to motivate you to earn more. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure of society to live a certain way, but you are allowed to pile up the riches just as much as the next person. Use this time to figure out a long term wealth strategy while Mars fires up your sector of finances. Even if there’s nothing specific you’re dreaming of, remember that having material goals can be your greatest motivator for success.



Your Venus ruled sign prefers peace to conflict, and you’d rather attract than chase. Not this month! Mars has sailed into your sign for the first time in two years and is helping you get where you want a lot faster than usual. Have the confidence to make moves and push forward on all fronts. The only area you might have some wounds to tend to is your intimate relationships. Luckily, the skies are challenging you to speak up and be honest about what hurts. This is not the time to fawn or people please. The clearer you are with your partners about what you want, the easier it is to become a reality. Not knowing what you want might be part of the problem this month, but Mercury is helping you find the words to blindly feel your way through awkward conversations. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s the conversation that needs to be had.


Libra season activates your sector of dreams, sleep and the subconscious. This is not the time to rush things. You are transitioning into your new year as the seasons shift, and the wisdom and insights you need await you in the silence, so satisfy your need for more alone time. If something needs to be healed, transformation is available to you, just don’t expect it to happen while you’re awake. Your sleeping hours hold all the secrets and power you require to make the most of this month. Hitting snooze is an opportunity for one more insight into any lingering doubts or questions. Come November, you will feel a surge of energy and attention as the planets push into your sign, so sit deeper into your privacy now while you have the chance.


You cannot hold on to people or control how others behave. Friends and contacts in your life might have entered only to leave a while later, this is the sometimes frustrating ebb and flow of life, as we search for our tribe. This Libra season brings a new dawn in your social life, helping you find your people. Do the friends that surround you spur you on and ignite the fire in your belly? Joy and enthusiasm are part of your birthright as an adventurous fire sign. This month, the skies are asking you to sit deeper into who you are at your core, and amplify your own unique selfhood. Only through doing this are you able to truly attract the authentic friends and connections who are meant for you.



Libra energy doesn’t always ruffle your earthy feathers the right way. This year however the planets are harmonising with Jupiter and Saturn in your finance sector. This is the time to get clear in your head about what you want to build in the long term. You don’t have to make any power moves right now, but put down on paper the key elements of what you’re moving towards. The real challenge will be about loosening your grip. Pluto in your sign is deepening your effect on life, while simultaneously asking you to relinquish control.

Successful planning isn’t about fixating on the end goal, but instead getting crystal clear on your motivations. An organic process doesn’t always mean slow or hindered, just authentic. Stay fixated on the why, instead of the how, and you might surprise yourself with how you attain your goals over the next four months.


Your mind is finally catching up to all the monumental shifts you’re going through in 2021! Not an easy feat. Throughout September and October, your mind and body are re-orienting themselves towards this new paradigm. Between now and the holiday season, your sign more than any other is levelling up to an untapped level of experience. With that comes new responsibilities, and the chance to finally own your well earned position of authority. You’re more determined this month to take up space and engage with inspiring individuals who maybe already live life the way you envision yourself in the future. Get excited, and while you’re at it, get clear on where you’re headed and then enjoy the new connections you make in fresh social arenas. As long as you can stay grounded and keep your eye on the prize, you really will soar to new heights between now and 2022.


Your mind is on your money at the moment, and it might seem like there are superfluous expenses that have arrived out of nowhere. These are not long-term, but instead are to help you get a deeper understanding of cash flow. If your finances are settled, ask yourself, how’s the balance of power in your close relationships? Mercury in your sector of intimacy and power wants you to see how other people trigger your sense of security. As a sensitive, impressionable sign you’re able to step outside of yourself and into the experience of others. This heightened empathy endows you with next level compassion, but this month, check whether you’ve gone too far. Remind yourself what you’re made of and find solid ground. What are your talents? What qualities do you possess that are innately your own?


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