Introducing our horoscopes, starting with Libra season - 22nd September to 23rd October - read on to discover what this month holds, for every zodiac.

Season summary:

Libra season is here to heal our favourite relationships. If Virgo season worked its magic, you’ll now have a crystal clear idea about who you want on your team. Remember, the people you keep in your orbit are meant to reflect your truth. Are there some contacts you’d rather keep in purgatory? Get curious about why they trigger you. Chances are that one trait you like to keep at arm’s length is something the universe wants you to own in yourself. Projection is the best teacher. Once you’ve done the dirty work of saying hi to your shadow, grant special access to those who bring out the best in you, inside and out.

Libra season knows that the pursuit of beauty is also a spiritual quest. Your fashion choices speak volumes about your desires. So purge your wardrobe and get serious about developing a capsule collection that lets the world know who you are. As Libra season wants us to ascend into the final stages of 2020, our challenge is to find ways to gracefully communicate our power and authority.

COLOURS - Lilac, baby pink, fuchsia
STONES - Opal/Agate

The key

Reciprocate. Meet people you love in the middle and consciously connect with those who want the best for you. If impatience bubbles up due to the rare Mars retrograde, have faith that the destination will taste much sweeter if you can learn to enjoy the journey. Do not rush the negotiation of your future.


Significant dates

27th September - As Mercury enters Scorpio we will desire depth and more meaning in our conversations. We’ll be blessed with the ability to intuitively know what collaborations deserve our energy. Embrace your inner vixen, and keep your deepest secrets close to your chest. Mercury in Scorpio attracts by revealing slowly.

1st October - The transformative Full Moon in Aries. Linking up with cosmic ruler of healing, Chiron, this Aries Full Moon is going to heal our egos and cleanse the insecurities that hold us back from expressing our soul essence. On this date, notice the people who are able to hold space for your vulnerability. This Full Moon promises to be emotional and transformative.

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